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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Work in progress part 2

Some updates on the plastic green bug...

Still trying to find a way to lower the friction engine.

Epoxy clay was used to fabricate new lowered mounting points for the axels.

Test-fitting the lowered front axels. The axels are already shortened.

Some detailing done - chrome linings, painted turn signals, painted tail lights.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Work in progress

Last weekend, I got this cheap 1/18 plastic beetle.

Shown above is the bottom card of the container. The item itself has the same crappy stickers as shown in the illustration above.

Here's the plastic beetle minus the crappy stickers.

Now, the shape of the mould itself is decent enough to pass off as a diecast model. The body is made of very light plastic which may be flimsy on its own, but is assembled well. If you'll notice, the running boards are flexing a bit. The body is also coated with metallic green paint, which is applied well, surprisingly.

See, without the crappy stickers, the platic toy shines a bit, showing great potential. Check out these pics:

Here's a view of the base. The plastic beetle also has a friction-powered motor at the rear.

And one of the flaws, a hole on the roof. Maybe the manufacturers used the same mould for a police car version?
This hole was covered by one of the stickers. The adhesive is still seen in this pic.

I'm planning on fixing up this bug in a few days. After opening the package, I immediately took out the stickers (a mistake, actually. I should have taken pics first) and started clearing the adhesives. I also added details to the body. No repainting is needed, but some fabricating will be done. First of all, I dislike those side mirrors, and I've already taken these out.

Also, there's this issue with the wheels. The silver wheels look too "bling-bling" for me, but they do add some detail and they work with the dark metallic color of the body. These wheels also look too big in proportion to the bug, and the axels need a bit of shortening. Looking at the toy from the side, some lowering is also needed.

The good news is that some modifications have already been done. More pics and progress next time.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Some new stuff...

Thank god our local distributor finally put these 1/18 G-Ridez VWs on sale! These retail here for around $40 each, and are now on sale at 50% off! I've been eyeing two particular items since these came out - the aquamarine bug, and the pink bug.
Pics were taken with my phone camera, I apologize for the crappy quality.

With these two on my desk, I took out a G-Ridez VW Convertible that an aunt gave me for my birthday.

Next some small scale VWs! These are all from Matchbox.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Hotwheels Baja Bugs

A glimpse of my collection, here are my Hotwheels Baja Bugs.  Most of my toy cars are kept MOC in boxes and bags simply because I don't have enough space at home to display them.  It's really frustating.

Last week, I got this...

I actually have one of these on my office desktop.  Ever since I cleaned my desk, I had ample space for another display case.  I brought this case home last Friday because I was too busy the whole week to open up boxes and take pics.

Anyways, I started setting my cars loose this morning, and continued this evening.  Here's the aftermath...

Nice, eh?  Here are some closer shots of my Baja Bugs...

And here are some pics I took while playing around with my crappy digicam...

I'm still on the lookout for any HW Baja Bugs that I still don't have.  
 I'm also planning on doing more Baja Bug customs, 
and if I finish enough, I might get 'em their own display case!

Next time, i'll try setting my Hotwheels VW Bugs loose!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Diliman Motorshow Winners!

Last Saturday, the UP Gears and Pinions held the 12th Diliman Motorshow.  Aside from the 1:1 car show, there was also a competition for customized scale models.

I entered the Kombi Fully Loaded and the Yellow VW Taxi, both 1/32 scale, and guess what?  Both won 1st place in their categories!

(Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.)

Some pictures with last year's Motorshow winners!